About Us

We are a team of educationists with US education and work experience -- passionate about providing the best possible educational opportunities to Indian students. For over 20 years now, we have partnered with US colleges, Indian parents and students to help open global doors of learning and careers. We are now offering our learnings and experience on the web to help students / parents make informed and objective decisions. Study in USA with the knowledge and confidence that our tools provide.


Of course, we all want to study at Harvard. But is Harvard equally excited to accept us? You can substitute Harvard with other names like Stanford, MIT, CalTech, Princeton, etc. – but the question remains the same – how does one find a great college in the US that will offer admission (and scholarship)? On the web -- there is so much information about US colleges and universities. There more than a handful college ranking sites. There are college matching engines as well. So, what’s the problem?

Well, actually there are two:

First: These sites mostly cater to American students. Their information and selection filters are geared towards US educational and social contexts.

Second: There is just too much information out there. (Go head and type “USA colleges matching sites” in google – you will most likely get over 40 million hits!).

Making a list of colleges that will admit you (hopefully with lots of scholarship!) turns into a stressful guessing game. US college admissions need to become simpler and clearer for Indian students.

There is an acute need of a credible, “Indian-ized” college matching engine to help thousands of Indian students planning to pursue Undergraduate, Masters and MBA degrees from USA; a college admissions calculator that balances the requirements of US colleges & universities with the Indian system of education.

Voila! AdmissionChances.in is born.

AdmissionChances.in is made in India. For Indians. To help them spread their wings globally. And did we mention that it’s free?


Our system is built on data from US Department of Education and our personal experience of over 20 years. We have tried our best to make it accurate and useful. At the same time, we are constantly tweaking our matching algorithm to increase its accuracy. We strongly urge users to apply their professional judgment to the results provided by our engine before taking any decisions. Our system currently caters to Indian students interested in pursuing their under-graduate degree in the US. We will soon launch similar college matching systems for MBA and MS in the US.


Of course, we realize that there are many other critical components of the US educational journey – standardized tests, applications, essays, letter of recommendations. Perhaps you want a list of colleges larger than the one our engine generates. We will be happy to work with you on these. Just give us a holler!

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